Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh, one more thing

I for got one major highlite! It snowed for my Birthday! It was so fun to have a "white" Birthday, and get the kids home from school!

We've Been Having a Lot of Fun!!

I know I have been a huge slacker when it has come to our blog.
We have been having so much fun since last I wrote. I've posted a few random pictures, but thought I would give a brief over view as well.
In June Chad's parents and sister came to visit us. Dannette, Chad's sister, came with her whole family. We had such a great time with everyone! We swam, went to Sea World, the alligator park (no matter what Dad says, he didn't get chased by an alligator), the beach, children's museum, and just loved being together! We hated to see them go. We love our family! :(
The entire summer flew by with Scout Camp for Jer, Day Camps for Coy, Caleb and Samantha, a huge trip out west, a special visitor, and Girl's Camp, in that order. Everyone loved their camps! The trip west included the Forsgren Family reunion in Nebraska. It was wonderful to see everyone and, believe it or not, Nebraska has some of the most beautiful seanery I have ever seen! Carolyn spent a couple of weeks between Wyoming and Utah visiting family and friends with the kids. Chad worked and flew back and forth for some of the visiting. We all had a great time! We brought the kid's cousin, Jordan, home with us. She is in between Jer, Jesi and Coy in age, but everyone loved having her. We had to visit Sea World, the beach and the alligator park again, of course. It was so fun. This time we went to Galveston to the beach. Galveston is not my favorite place to go to the beach, but the ferry ride was a ton of fun! We saw a ship wreck, fed the seagulls off the back of the ferry, and watched a dolphin jumping out of the water.
A highlight of our summer was Caleb's baptism and having family attend! It was a wonderful day! Many thanks to all who took the time to come and share that special day with us!
With school starting our schedule went crazy. Samantha started a combo. ballet and tap class, Caleb started piano, Jer continues piano, drama, and basketball, Jesi is in chior, drama and basketball, Coy started playing the Tuba, and everyone continues with their regular Church activites. I often feel we are too busy, but we do find time to play board games and go on family dates. We really like where we live and have loved getting to know our neighbors better over the past year.
Matt and Kandice brought their family to visit for Thanksgiving. We loved seeing them, taking them to our usual sites (It was my favorite trip of the year to Sea World!), and just being together. There is a special bond with cousins. I love that no matter the age difference, they love being together.
I hope that was a helpful update! We sure love everyone! I'll tag the pictures below!
Love ya,
Carolyn, Chad, Jesi, Jer, Coy, KK and Nanna
Samantha and Carolyn on the First Grade Field trip to Oil Ranch. (Very fun place!)

Matt and Kandice came to visit with their family for Thanksgiving! Some of the cousins made our center pieces. I think they are the best Thanksgiving center pieces ever!

Sammy doodle at her ballet class. She loves it and can't wait for the recital!

In September coy's favorite author, Brandon Mull, came to town. We had a great time seeing him. He did a fireside for our Ward, presentations at a few local schools, (Coy got to intruduce him at his school.) and he came to dinner one night. It was wonderful!

In September Carolyn was able to attend the adoption finalization and sealing of her two cute nephews to her Brother, Mike, and his wife, Jessica. It was a great experience!

Jordan, my children, and some friends on a hike at Brazo Bend State Park, the "alligator park".

Caleb and Chad right before Caleb's baptism.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My camera was lost for a few weeks, but it finally turned up. So, here are some pictures from then end of school.
We've been having a great summer with cousins visiting and camps to go to, but I don't have pictures. We have recorded some of the hottest June days ever in this area so we are really looking forward to our trip west, seeing family, friends and cooling off.
Caleb and his friends Joey and Ryan at the zoo

Jer and Jesi with their NJHS Certificates

Jesi singing at the school's end of year talent show.

Nanna and I having a stick horse race during field day.

KK climbing the rock wall at school.


Another view of the kitchen.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Have a great month!